Be More Visible as Web Developer

It doesn’t matter if you’re the brightest, the best, and the hardest-working developer on the planet, if no one knows who you are and what you’ve accomplished. All of your hard work can easily go to waste.

Find a way to let your boss and upper management know what you’re doing. Send a weekly summary of activities to make the job easier. It was a great way to gain visibility and it often appeared that I was much more productive.

Offer to give presentations on some topic or problem your team is facing. Pick a topic you can present on and offer to present that topic to your team. You can even offer to do it as a lunch-and-learn where you present an educational topic during lunch instead of on company time.

Keep a daily log of your activities – Send this log as a weekly report to your manager. Offer to give presentations or training’s – Pick a topic that would be useful to your team.

Speak up – Do this at meetings and any time you get the chance. Be seen – Set up regular meetings with your boss. Make sure you are seen often.

Educate yourself makes it easy to justify a raise or promotion, because you can clearly show that you’re more valuable now than you were before. Learning new or advancing your skills. The sooner you can advance, the more you’ll be able to learn for more opportunities that will come your way.

Don’t just learn about web development. Take some time to learn about leadership, management, and business if you aim on higher-level, possibly executive positions.

Share what you’re learning, share your knowledge, create your own blog, write magazine articles or books, and speak at community events or conferences. Outside exposure will help create as an authority in your expertise and will build you seem more valuable in web development.

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