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June 12, 2017
Words of Jesus
June 15, 2017

FEAR Destroyer


Stay focused. Success is closer than you think.

“I deserve unlimited abundance and prosperity”

Your Life is a perfect reflection of what’s in your box

Take responsibility for programming what’s in your box, rather than allowing other people to fill it with their stuff

Keep it simple. Keep it focused (Energy and Attention)

Program Consistency Outcome, Consistency Action into your box

Think and do the right things

Each day with passion, purpose, and confidence.

Small commitments everyday and Lots of little regularly


Two things can be especially helpful as you begin making your Quiet-Time Prayer a habit: belief and understanding.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that will help you make the Quiet-Time Prayer a routine part of your life except actually forcing yourself to do it.

You need to perform the new action for 25 to 30 consecutive days in order to make the change permanent and habitual.

“All things are created twice,” first in our mind, and again in our physical lives—that is, once in the box and once outside the box.

Understand what’s in your box. Think what your thinking

Overpower the limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs

You can’t generate better results without changing what you do

Analyze what’s in our boxes to understand where the existing junk in our trunks came from

Identify its source to ensure your junk does not find its way in there

You can be a hoarder, or you can clear out the clutter and get focused and organized. It’s absolutely your choice.

The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life.

Remove any “junk” and replace it with whatever results you really want in consistent basis. This is the essence of getting your mind right.

It’s simply a reflection of how our neurological and physiological systems work together to create whatever is in our box.

Whatever goes in the box eventually comes out.

Your emotions are a result of what you think is true.

You can pull out of the box only whatever is in the box. Anything you put in, you will eventually pull out.

Change your thoughts for emotions for actions for better results

Focusing on your circle of influence versus your circle of concern.
(You, Clients, Customers, Buyers, Sales Performance)

No amount of saying or reading is going to replace the value in the simple act of doing. There is no substitute for taking action.

Remember: The most successful people in life and business don’t know anything the rest of us don’t know. They are just doing things many others don’t do.

Success in life and business is based on probabilities, not absolutes.

There are no guarantees. Our best shot for success rests on our ability to do the little things in life, as often as we can, that will improve our chances for success.

Developing and reviewing your prosperity plan on a daily basis are two of the things that will dramatically improve your probabilities for success.

Reviewing prosperity plan regularly will increase the probability that you will succeed.

Once you take that decisive action, you will see dramatic changes in your attitude, actions, and results.

Winners think about the things they can control—namely, their own sales performance.

Winners think about how they can improve their sales, relationship building, product knowledge, and closing skills.

Winners focus on “I”;

“Be a light, not a judge.” Help others. Help yourself. And help improve the situation where you can. Don’t look for blame; look for the opportunity to make a positive difference in life and business. And do it because you cannot because you must.

Perfect ProspectPerfect You
Good creditHighly motivated
HonestWell trained
High needFocused
Unlimited budgetConfident
Values qualityExpert communicator
Values serviceFearless
Willing to listenHigh product knowledge

Success in life and business requires understanding that if you change your thoughts, you will change your emotions. If you change your emotions, you will change your actions. And if you change your actions, you will change your results.

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