Why you should HIRE a young WOMAN

“I would NOT HIRE a young WOMAN” said someone in a comment. That comment received LOTS OF LIKES.

That person said:

“If you HIRE a young woman, chances are she’ll get pregnant a few times and go on maternity a few times too. Next, she will need time off every time her kids get sick.

Eventually, she will quit, because her husband would want her to stay home.”

This was posted 2 days ago, not 2 centuries ago. People asked me to respond to this.

Ok. Let’s see on how many points you agree.

Parenthood is a joint responsibility, and fathers should split responsibility for career breaks. Career breaks like that should be celebrated, not just tolerated.

With birth rates falling in all wealthy nations well below the replacement rate, we all need to make an effort to not let motherhood be a break on a career.

Studies have shown that motherhood develops leadership qualities: attention to detail, empathy, emotional intelligence and influence.

People like the one who commented above should not be let near the hiring process.

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