If You Made $10,000 or LESS This Year, Then You’re Not Alone

If I accepted a job offers vs. starting my own business.

What I didn’t earn in salary is I certainly earned knowledge, experience and prime of life.

I have the ability to live my life as I see fit, and to enjoy the precious present, knowing this very moment and the people I surround myself with can never be repeated or replaced.

I learned to take risks and not to care what others think of my success, or lack thereof.

I can go workout at lunch without worrying about making the one o’clock meeting to discuss what ever matters. But it doesn’t mean I don’t work enough.

I am accountable to one very important person—myself and the others!

Because, companies out there in the working world that just use and abuse you, then toss you aside and move on to the next one.

I believe there’s reward for my efforts, it’s not only financial reward, but also value, lessons and experience and that is incomparable with anything.

I fell in love with reading, learning, web development, digital marketing, blogging and e-commerce. I believe this coming 2018, I will attract clients looking for web development and great content remotely. One of the benefits of living this life is the amount of time I have to do other things I really want to do. Things that matter like to spend time with workout, eat healthy foods, read books, workout and drink beer every Saturday or Sunday with people I like. It’s a privilege even though my income is still not up to what I would have been earning, I think the freedom and the ability to make choices my work gives me is priceless.

Never lose sight of your purpose, your dreams, or the people that matter the most to you. Money certainly has its place, but the almighty money stops you and your dream.

For employers: Revolution starts small. 15-25 hours per week presence in the office are enough to make at least 40 hours per week performance.

What a brave boss finding this out on his own risk paying for at least 40 hours per week realizing performance is the same than for 15-25 hours per week and finding out that ideas/creativity grows.

This is one variety of the working world trying balancing result oriented work, human needs and individuality as corporate culture.

Digital is the tool to measure performance, enable collaboration and liberation of the office.

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