Why So Many Employees Are Resigning?

Why is it that Resigning Employee’s do end up having a bad experience with their Employers!

Once an employee expresses his/her intention of tendering resignation to the company, employer tends to give them a hard time.

The treatment becomes unusual and very unprofessional.

It even leads to the point that Employer doesn’t want to settle all the monetary claims and keeps on delaying.

Employer even ended up uttering negative words against the resigning employee.

I know and understand that it is really hard to let go of an employee especially those whom you know has a vital role in your organization. But then again, as an employer, you have to ask yourself, the reason behind that particular employee wanted to move out from your office.

Is it something to do with the way you manage your personnel? Is it about the benefits that are not being provided to them accordingly? It is about the salary increase which you have promised to them but was not given to? Or there so many management issues that is beyond work ethics and they have found out so many anomalies or irregularities?

There are so various factors that affect the decision of each employee and lead them to resigning. And employers should respect the decision of each resigning employees and should follow the rulings as per mandate from labor law. Release all the monetary claims to them as soon as possible and not to let them wait and follow up for as long as the employer wants. It sad to hear that many resigned employees or even those employees who have ended up their contract do wait for so long for those monetary claims from these employers who tends to be abusive.

It is not about the fact that employees are money motivated and they only performed if they are benefited with money incentives but it is good to give these benefits to them as an appreciation of the job that is well done, extra effort, loyalty, honesty, integrity and the way they embrace the responsibility with their respective duties. Employees are the back bone of each and every company so it good to give back to them the benefits that they truly deserve.

I have written this message out not for any reason or be against any employer out there. Just to speak out some observation i have encountered.

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