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Where it all began...

Everyone knows the internet provides a wonderful tool for quickly sharing thoughts and photos, but do you ever miss real mail? You know, the physical stuff that shows up in your actual mailbox, something you can touch. Postcards are nice, but they aren’t the same as opening an envelope. Besides, people seem to toss them out or lose them because there’s no easy way to stand them up!

This is what led Jordan Bundy to create The Foldagram in 2012. He was hiking in the Rocky Mountains near his home in Vail, CO, and wanted to share the beauty of the landscape. It seemed like a waste to just put photos on Facebook, since they would get lost in the constant shuffle of updates. The idea of making prints, writing messages, stuffing envelopes and going to the post office just seemed daunting. And yet, what other option was there?

After several prototypes, The Foldagram was born. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, you can send someone a unique piece of physical mail as easily as updating a blog.

If you have a media query, please contact Jordan at thefoldagram.com. Otherwise, feel free to browse what’s already been written!