The Right Boss – Using Mind and Heart at the Right Time and Right Place

The Best Honest Employee

There’s a story and talk was not going well. The applicant did not answer easy questions.

He Said: “Sorry; I understand you will hire someone else. You need the best applicant. I really needed this job. I don’t know what I will tell my wife. I have been looking for a job for long time; I applied to not less than 100 jobs. ”

Boss Said: “You are the best candidate. Your resume and track records are impressive. You passed the technical interview; I’m really excited to you and join us. You just passed the personal talk sincerity and integrity.”

Now he was the best QA manager Boss ever had.

Use our eyes to see the resume but use our hearts to see the real person.

Trusted but Fired?

Few years ago there’s another story about a Tech Lead at the Online Shopping Company, he was fired and shocked!

He keeps wondering what happened?

And the boss told him: “We heard bad things about you. We have to fire you as you are a problem to us.”

Employee: What precisely did you hear?

Boss: Lot of things, a person we work with told us bad things about you. You cannot be trusted and we cannot have such a person working with us.

Employee: What exactly did he tell you?

Boss: I didn’t talk to him. Another co-worker provided this information to me.

Employee: I did not know what to do, since I had no idea what happened.

It’s obviously the reason is personal grudge.

This employee just told his boss what he heard.

But my boss, don’t care to find out:

  1. Who told that?
  2. What exactly issue?
  3. Was it true?
  4. What is side of the story?
  5. If that’s the case, it’s only hearsay.

Many bosses make a quick cowardly decision based on hearsay and threw the people like trash.

That employee was crushed at first, but now he’s happy that he didn’t have to work for a boss who treats people like trash.

One day some employees will be the employer or in a position to hire/fire. The real question is how you would treat someone in the same position you are in.  Whichever you choose could be one of the most important decisions you could ever make. When your mind, heart and spirit line up, you will always know what to do.

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