basic employment rights for a worker

There are so many employees out there who are well experienced but if you looked into their CV’s or profile, they seemed to be jumping from one employment to another. The interviewer would consider them as job hopper. But do we read between the lines what their respective reason why they leave is?

There are so many stories out there. Employees don’t stay that long for various reasons and factors that affects them in their decision making.

It could be possible that the actual job that was given to them was different from the job that was discussed and presented to them during the course of interview. They tried to manage it but it was unfortunate that they could not deliver the one that is expected for the reason that it is not their field of expertise.

The one that we usually hear is management issues. Management issues are mostly on financial difficulties that are being experienced such as delays in salaries, mandated benefits and all other benefits are being sacrificed and not duly provided.

Not happy with the working environment. There are issues of favoritism. The one who is close to the management is the one always benefited. Or the performer is the only one always being given the highest priority and all good benefits and incentives while the rest are left out.

There are other issues such as politics and mostly the employee just wanted to get out as they know for a fact that they can’t have the real justice and fight with the heads/superiors. And much more issues those are not being dealt and address with.

Employees have so many stories to tell but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are job hoppers. It is also good to hear them out and not to judge them of their tenure with their employment history. Give them the chance to be part of your organization, who knows they are better than what you think. They have worth, talent, skills and knowledge to share and i’m sure they can prove their capabilities too.

There something that went wrong during the course of their stay but it doesn’t always mean that these are negative aspect/side of the story. We could not also conclude that it always display something about their attitude, character or behavior. There is always a reason behind the choice that they made them to leave their employer.

December 19, 2017
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December 19, 2017

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