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Have you experienced getting into an interview by assigned Hiring Managers but they failed you because of the thought that you are a threat to them?

I know that it is usual to experience politics in any corporate set up. Based on my observation and experience, there are Managers who do power tripping to their subordinates and it still happens until this time. They tend to abuse their power as Managers or a boss.

There are also cases that even during the interview, they do power trip. Applicants really become a victim of simple power tripping and bullying.

There are so many reasons and factors why it happens. Some would think that the applicant was better than them. Others can think of simply they don’t feel or like the applicant. The applicant has a stronger personality that them. The applicant is simply better than them and would be a threat to them once he/she was hired.

An example i can cite is that, I encountered one particular scenario. That guy is based in United Kingdom and he has offices in some countries. He has various staffs. That person was not actually an HR practitioner, not even a psychology graduate. She used to be a secretary and due to the reason that she was the 1st employee of the boss, she was taught and exposed in HR, Sales and Operation functions. That’s how she was promoted and pronounced as a Manager, though the foreigner knows and admitted that she still needs to be honed and need to learn various things in all management facets. Same thing with the lady, the lady started as a customer service representative. Since the owner noticed a potential again, he promoted the lady as a manager but he again admits that the lady still needs to be trained and help from a much senior individual.

Then the boss saw the need of a much senior individual for these potential managers. So the guy went on searching and found a possible resource. He had spoken to the much senior resource to help out the team that he currently have and based on their conversation, the guy sent the resource to their office for a formal conversation with the managers.

The boss was expecting that the conversation will went well so he can have the senior resource on board. Unfortunately, during the conversation with the Managers, the resource saw some very unprofessional gestures and noticed that the both the managers don’t like her at all. Even if she did notice those things she tried to ignore it and handle their questions accordingly. The senior resource felt that the said interview didn’t went well and she will not be on-board as what was agreed and expected with the owner.

The guy made the follow up with the resource and she advised the owner about what happened. And they ended up advising the resource with the wont be proceeding hiring him/her. The resource was not surprised about the said notice.

With the said example, it only shows that there are scenarios like this and it shows how managers do sometimes behave. Seniority and inferiority issues are also a matter to be addressed. They can throw questions out of nowhere that is not even related to the job that you are applying for. They will give you a hard time so as to hinder you from being hired. And worst it that, they will create report to the decision maker that you didn’t make it.

Sadly, yes indeed, it happens. This is just one of the scenarios that applicant do encounter. So even if you are qualified they would tell you and advised you that you didn’t make it for whatever reason, they are the only one who knows it and they won’t give you any detail in particular why you failed.

Should you have any comment, suggestions, or any additional experience, please feel free to give in. We continue to learn and share what we can do to handle this situation when it comes in.

I am not anything against with people, interviewers or even managers. I just like to share some scenarios and hopefully it can be fixed. Hopefully you won’t get this message wrong. I know and understand that there are so many scenarios out there and many interviewers do their job right and accordingly.

December 19, 2017
Are You Threat to Them You’re Not the One!

Are You Threat to Them? You’re Not the One!

Have you experienced getting into an interview by assigned Hiring Managers but they failed you because of the thought that you are a threat to them? […]