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If you really want to succeed in the competitive world of web development, you need to do more not only just to shine your resume and take whatever job you happen to get.

The biggest mistakes, is not treating their web development career as a business. When you start to think of yourself as a business, you start to make good business decisions.

It’s better to think of an employer as a customer for your business of developing website. You might only have a single customer, and all of your revenue may be coming from that single customer. In fact, many “real” companies have one big client that makes up a majority of their revenue.

You need to have a full set of skills or service. A business without something to offer doesn’t have a way to make money, because they have nothing to sell. What are your skills or service?

Most web developers are selling the service of developing website. Developing website is a wide term that can cover a variety of different activities and individual services, but in general, web developers are selling their ability to take an idea and make it into a reality.

Just thinking about what you offer as a business in this way has a reflective impact on how you view your career. Businesses are constantly revising their products and improving them, just like your skills. The service you provide as a web developer has a tangible value, and it’s your job to communicate not only what that value is, but what makes it different than the offerings of thousands of other web developers out there.

As a web developer offering your service, you also have to be concerned with marketing. The better you market your offerings, the higher price you’ll be able to charge for your services and the more customers you’ll potentially be able to attract.

Remember, as a website developer looking for a good job, you only really need to land one client.

Also think about how best to spread the word about your service and find your customers. Most software developers create a resume and blast it out to companies and recruiters. Most successful businesses figure out how to get clients or customers to come to them to buy their products or services; they don’t go out chasing customers and clients one by one.

Your Future Goals as Web Developer

If you’re ever going to achieve any of those goals, you have to know what they are.

I’ve found that most web developers, float through life without a concrete realization of what their goals are to accomplish in life. We don’t tend to give enough thought to what to focus on, lack of purpose and direction.

It’s time to define goals for your career. Not tomorrow or next week, but now! Each step without a clear direction is a wasted step. Don’t randomly walk through life without a purpose.

Make small goals then move forward in the direction toward your bigger goals, sooner or later you’ll reach your destination. It’s important to define the sizes of your goals that will lead you in the direction of your bigger goal. The smaller goal will leads you toward your bigger goal of becoming a web developer.

December 14, 2017
Web Developer Career is a Business

Web Developer Career is a Business

If you really want to succeed in the competitive world of web development, you need to do more not only just to shine your resume and […]