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Facebook Clone with Laravel, TDD, Vue & Tailwind CSS

Learn to code a social network platform powered by a Laravel API & built using a Vue Single Page Application

-RESTful API Development with Laravel
-Vue JS Single Page Application Methodology
-Test Driven Development (TDD) with PHPUnit
-Front-End Design Using Tailwind CSS
-Build a Complete SPA from Scratch
-JSON:API Specification for Building APIs in JSON
-Integrating Laravel with Vue Router
-Submitting Requests to an API from Javascript
-Authentication Using Laravel Passport
-Image Uploads with Dropzone JS

Laravel Developer Ahead of the game!

-Working Knowledge of PHP, Laravel, JavaScript & Vue
-Have a Local Development Environment
-Know The Basics of Test-Driven Development
-Basic Project Deployment for a Modern PHP Application

What should a laravel developer know?

Building modern applications requires a specialized toolbox of skills and tools. We are going to be using Facebook as an example to build a social network platform from scratch.

We will be using modern development techniques that mimic real-world team flow along with some added tooling to help aid with that.

Why did we choose this as the sample project?

Most students that take this tutorial will know or at least have an understanding of Facebook. Instead of spending time trying to explain what our project needs to do and what the expected functionality needs to be, we can jump straight into writing code.

This helps facilitate the comprehension of the new concepts we are introducing.

Laravel Developer Piece of cake!

What if I am not sure that I have the skills necessary?

This tutorial is what would be considered an intermediate level tutorial but with basic knowledge of PHP & Javascript even the most beginner will be able to acquire new skills and level up their skills.

Working knowledge of Laravel & Vue will increase your chances of grasping every concept. But all and all, every lesson goes into great detail about the “why” we are doing what we are doing.

Will there be boring?

Absolutely not! Every tutorial will be engaging, thoroughly explained and straight to the point. Showing you every nook and cranny of Test-Driven Development using Laravel, Vue, Vue Router & Tailwind CSS.

This tutorial is for:
Web developers wanting to build robust APIs
-Web developers wanting to level up their modern JavaScript knowledge
-Web developers wanting to level up their knowledge of the Laravel framework
-Web developers that are front-end developers wanting to learn back-end
-Web developers that are back-end developers wanting to learn front-end

Laravel and Vue have become one of the most popular PHP and JS framework. Employers are asking for this skill for all web programming jobs and in this course we have put together all of them, to give you the best chance of landing that job; or taking it to the next level.

Why are Laravel Developer so popular? Because once you learn it, creating complex applications are easy to do, because thousands of other people have created code we can plug (packages) into our Laravel application to make it even better.

There are many reasons why Laravel Developer are on the top when it comes to PHP and Javascript frameworks but we are not here to talk about that, right?

You are here because you want to learn Laravel and Vue, and find out what course to take, right? Alright, let’s list what this course has to offer so that you can make your decision?

Before we start building the apps, you will first learn the fundamentals of Laravel Developer. If you know Laravel and Vue basics already, you can jump right in with the first app. By building the apps, you will master Laravel and Vue and gain the skills to create Laravel and Vue programs independently.

After just one course with Al, you’ll be hooked to his teaching style and learning at an incredibly fast pace.

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